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  1. California Sun
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California Sun

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California Sun

Verse 1:

Oh she says
I’m sick of it
Why do we stay here and do the same shit?
It gets us nowhere
So let’s go!
No one listens here
Throw your bag in the back
And grab
The steering wheel

We can salvage
The last piece
Of summers glow

Let the wind drown our thoughts
No one needs to know
What we’ve done
What we’ve done


We’re gonna drive along
The 101
Up and down
Around the mountainside
Staring straight
Into the California sun
You’re gonna to drive
And i’ll hold the GPS
And as the road
is our witness
We’re always having fun
In the California
Suuuun Suuuuun

Verse 2:

What is it?
About the air that makes it
So much free-er here?
We can stop
And we can eat
Anything we want
And we can go

Lets dig our toes
In the Santa Monica Sand
Float along
The golden gate
Before we’re too gray
And there are shackles on our hands
And its just
Its just
Too laaaaaate

just me
An it’s just you
And we’ll
spend our money
On the best west coast view


When i’m with you
I always have fun..