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Disease of Loneliness

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Disease of Loneliness is Elizabeth Sage's first single released in 2018 and takes you on a pop/rock journey sardonically describing a disease that plagues us all: loneliness. Sage captures how it feels when we spread negative beliefs from one relationship to the next not realizing we can feel the most lonely when we're with someone who never sees us for who we are. With hints of Paramore, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift you may just find this song more contagious than you thought.


Verse 1 :

My calloused heart
It wasn’t so let me tell you
From the start
I’ve got the
Thickest skin
Once a shell
I would wear so thin
Let me begin

You put up a fense
Now everyone is living love
In defense
Oh its done
I learn from you
Its common sense


Go ahead and spread
The disease of loneliness
Lets all protect ourselves
Til we’re dead
Sweep it under the rug
A guarded mess

Verse 2:

Your wounded heart
i betcha never meant for us to be apart
Oh but you were
So unarmed
When she
Took all your nice
And stabbed you twice
Thus far


Damage runs like
Wild fire
Oh behind
Your hidden
Wire cries


A guarded mess 2X