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The Disease We All Have 

That's right! It's called LONELINESS and we are ALL plagued with it from time to time. When will it end?? My new single "Disease of Loneliness" asks that exact question.  

I wrote the song many years ago when a boy broke my heart simply because he let his insecurity from his previous relationships leak into ours. It killed me to see that he couldn't let go of the past so we would never have a future.

Yeah sure I had my heart broken but as someone who is passionate about mental health I started to see my experience as something that happens everywhere. I started to think about how we all kind of do this in our relationships. For example: If our old bae made us feel fat then we couldn't help but assume our new bae is doing the same. Our preconceived notions about ourselves and others have always kept us blind to the individual who is standing right in front of us. 

This song is a cry for us to stop and see each other as individuals and try to stop ourselves from thinking we always know what the other is thinking and how things will turn out before they do. no one will listen if they aren't heard. 

"Disease of Loneliness" is a catchy pop/rock ballad where I belt sarcastic lyrics like, "Go ahead and spread the disease of loneliness," with upbeat guitar, drums and my own vocal harmonies backing me up. If you go beyond the pop/rock tune you'll hear the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

Does anyone else agree this is still going on? Ever wonder why you can feel so lonely in your relationship? Is this normal? Comment below so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself; thanks!