With "Taylor Swift meets Alanis Morisette” vocals, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Sage sings catchy acoustic pop/rock tunes with pensive lyrics you can't help but relate to. 

The religious strictures of her orthodox Jewish upbringing did not encourage the development of her musical talents however she found she was best able to express her beliefs & feelings through songwriting and eventually started performing her own works. She draws inspiration from her background as a Mental Health Counselor, personal trainer, and overall comedic outlook on life.  

Elizabeth has always loved performing since she was a child entertaining her family by imitating SNL skits or singing and dancing to songs she heard on the radio. From elementary to graduate school there was never a time Elizabeth was not strumming her guitar or performing her songs. It was clear to everyone music was her passion but it wasn't until receiving her masters degree that Elizabeth decided to pursue it as a full time career. She had always been torn between her love for singing and her parents advice to receive a degree. Now she uses her experience as a Mental Health Counselor to write songs about the human psyche and has gone full force in creating and sharing the music she's always had inside her.

Elizabeth has just begun an IndieGoGo campaign to fund her first electronic pop album titles "Drop it Like it's Pop!" So far she has recorded her first upbeat single of the album called, "California Sun," about a road trip she took with her sister up California with the initial support she's received from the campaign. If the campaign is successful she will get to fulfill her dream of completing her first album! Follow link here to listen to it for FREE and donate on her IndieGoGo page:

Elizabeth Sage's first EP titled, "Just Go!" was recorded with Providence Music in Long Island, Ny. Her first single "Disease of Loneliness" is a sardonically sung pop/rock ballad describing loneliness as a plague we all carry with us when we project negative beliefs from one relationship to the next. With hints of Haley Williams (Paramore), Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, you may just find this song to be more contagious than you thought. 

Elizabeth's second single, "All the Words You Say" was released on November 1st, 2018 and describes the rationalization of a toxic relationship. With headstrong lyrics like, "you can't push me no I won't budge," Sage captures the stubborn, maladaptive thoughts of a girl who won't let go, believing she is the only one who can the person hurting her most. 

You can purchase the song "Disease of Loneliness" & "All the Words You Say" on all musical platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon etc.