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You've found my Music YAY!! Here you'll get little snippets of all my latest tracks. I've worked really hard on them and I hope you enjoy listening! If you like what you hear you can purchase and download my songs right here and put your own price to it (cool!).

If you don't like my songs ..well ..this is awkward....BUT whose to say you won't like my future ones so come on back here some other time in the future :D 

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Elizabeth Sage...created a pop/rock EP that really speaks volumes for her debut effort. With pensive lyrics and catchy and efficient melodies, it manages to stand out amongst the crowd....She encompasses the perfect amount of pop against rock, without either genre being too overbearing, and therefore bringing out the best of both worlds. The tracks are catchy and get their messages across clearly with little fuss, which is testament to the singer/songwriters abilities. "”

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Elizabeth Sage’s songs are not only personal, but they are so detailed that they almost take away from the daydreaming sessions most listeners like to have when listening to the lyrics of a song.”


“Disease of Loneliness” is a song that expresses the hardship that comes with bringing experiences from past relationships into new ones. On the track, Sage brilliantly captures this feeling. With a beat you can’t leave behind, invasive guitar sounds, and Sage holding the note on the lyric “Loneliness” during the song’s chorus, as if the word, like the disease, is following you around, the song emotes the past feelings in a clever way.....the song continues to feel good, which makes it pop rock perfection.”


It was a night to remember for fans of indie pop singer Elizabeth Sage, who is a cross between Lisa Lobe and Joan Osborne. The Brooklyn songstress.....torched the stage with her sultry, sweet style and poignant lyrics Tuesday night at the Well in Bushwick, Brooklyn.”

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